They’ll never wake us in time


I’ve been hooked on Low again lately and reconsidering one of my favorite songs. “July” is such a perfect apotheosis of Low’s sound from the 90s, the guitar/bass/drums drifting into the backdrop as the vocal melodies take front and center, accompanied by an antiquated violin sample and a xylophone. This song always reminds me of old relationships past. That breakdown near the middle where Alan & Mimi just list off the months breaks my heart. Time gets away from us, doesn’t it?

Time is on my side

Minit has possibly been the most appealing new game I’ve played this year. Given the premise, I wasn’t sure it would work, but I soon found myself engrossed in trying to talk to every character and solve every puzzle. It helps that the game is incredibly short, but still full of surprises and simple fun.


My first run of Minit took about 90 minutes. I never found myself getting stuck while trying to progress the main story (the game makes it very clear what you need to do to complete the game), although many of the optional secrets (coins, octopus tentacles, items) proved difficult to track down without actively seeking them out.

I managed to find every collectable on a later run with the help of my brother and his girlfriend. This was actually my third run, and it took about three hours to complete, even with the extra help. I imagine I’ll be returning to Minit soon to try out new game plus.