You were never really there

I’m beginning to suspect that my next door neighbors have moved out and I’m too frightened by our friendly non-acquaintance to just walk over, knock on their door, and find out. It’s strange to think you can share a wall with someone and know nothing about them, but maybe that’s entirely my fault. My speculation is based on two points of interest. One, I haven’t seen either of their cars for at least a week now. Second, I recall talking to one of them briefly back in February and hearing a reference to their lease ending in April or May.

Unrelated, and yet somehow relevant: I’m looking forward to watching the new Lynne Ramsay movie. You Were Never Really Here looks like a good time. Ramsay’s short films are unbelievable and a definite must-watch. We have all benefited greatly by her entrance into the world of feature length films and should be appropriately awed and afraid. I’m excited to see what she’s done to shake up the action genre.

Making the most of it

I decided earlier this year to begin writing blog posts as a way to stay in the habit of writing… well, anything. This resolution quickly fell to the wayside as work and life reared their nefarious heads, but I still intend to get some use out of this website! (I mean, I already put money down on the domain and everything, so…)

While I hope to significantly upgrade the design of this site at some point, I think aesthetics need to be set aside so I can spend a little time on actual writing. Maybe in the future I can also document trips, projects, and ephemera for my own amusement. Regardless, I finally wrote a second blog post, even if I meandered around saying anything interesting, so I’m going to take this meager victory as a sign of progress.